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Common Plumbing Vent Problems

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If you are having problems draining the water from any of your fixtures and have tried clearing the drain pipes to no avail, you might need to check the vents built with the fixture or elsewhere in your home. As mentioned, vents help your drains push water out to the sewage pipes through the air supplied from the vent pipes, so you always have to keep those clear and free from any blockages that could prevent air pressure from coming into the drain system. Typically, the vents in the roof could be stuffed with things like leaves or nuts, so it’s best to check it first and clean it using a high-pressure water jet to clear the pipes.

If the problem is with a particular fixture in your home, you have to locate the vent pipes connected to the system and see what has gone wrong. Some of these problems can be repaired on your own, and you can try to see if this is the issue you have to deal with. Drains have to be properly vented to be able to efficiently transport water out of your home. If you install other fixtures, make sure there is a vent close by that can provide air pressure; otherwise, these new fixtures will surely have draining problems that can be attributed to the vents.

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If you want to know whether you have vents installed in all the right places in your home, you can call a plumber to check your pipes or your entire system. Don’t forget to check on the vent on the roof once in a while as this can save you from some problems as well.